Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[Insert Eye-Catching Yet Informative Title Here]

"Your friends are sending me some pictures of our skydive. It was amazing; you shoulda been there."
I said to Heather, the sales rep that hooked me up with the skydiving trip. 

Heather laughed, "I know! I couldn't make it because I went to a wedding instead. My friends sent a few photos to me while I was at the wedding. But I'm planning to go skydiving next year. Wanna go again?"

I paused. 


My hesitation was because I decided I need to start saving up for skydiving.

Shelby walked into the shop, heard two words, and said "Skydiving?"

Heather asked, "Are you interested in going too?"

"Sure. I need to save some money to go, though." He replied. 

Shane burst through the shop door, nose twitching. Without hearing a word of our conversation, he turned and said, "Skydiving!" 

Heather laughed and said "Would you like to go along with

"YES." Shane interrupted.  

Cue song: "It's Rainin' Men."

November has been a busy month. Once I have a spare moment to collect my thoughts, I'll tell you all about the wedding, the funeral, the road trip, the deer collision, and the other road trip to the other wedding. With the way things have been scheduled, I'll have some spare time to blog in April 2016. 

For those of you that take time to read my oft-neglected blog, thanks. I appreciate that. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!