Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Best Things Cannot Be Stolen

EDIT: Because my roommate is innocent until proven guilty, I have removed his name from this post. I was given some excellent wisdom about the danger of casting blame, and what that could do to a potential court case. Thank you, Dad.

This past Monday, my roommate [redacted] returned while I was at work.

He brought a few friends with him.

He picked up some of his possessions, and grabbed a few of mine while he was at it.

Five guns.
A brand-new guitar.
A friend's gun.

As I sifted through my ransacked room that was left in their wake, I discovered other things missing. Ten PMAG ammunition magazines. Blankets. An Atlanta Braves hat autographed by my cousin Brandon Beachy. My cologne...?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

KVFD Pancake Breakfast

Each year, the firetrucks in Kalona are all parked outside, tables are set up inside the station, and  visitors donate some dollars to the Fire Department in order to eat tasty pancakes. The trucks were freshly waxed and polished in order to allow 900 squealing children (myself included) to lay their grubby, syrup-coated fingers all over them. Does every fire department do this? They should. It is a wonderful event that the entire community comes out to enjoy together.

It has been years since I've gone to the Kalona Volunteer Fire Department Annual Pancake Breakfast (heretofore referenced as "KVFDAPB" or "Pancaaaaaakes!")