Saturday, August 9, 2014

Scavenger Hunt

Last night, our youth group leaders staged a scavenger hunt. We were told to bring along a smartphone or other video-recording device in order to record our progress, since this was not the type of scavenger hunt where you would bring your findings back to the church. The youth group was split into four teams and each team was given a list of objectives. The youth leaders gathered us together and issued a few basic ground rules.
We had until 8pm to complete as many of the objectives as possible, along with the bonus objectives. (It was approximately 6:20pm, so we had an hour and 40 minutes.)
The first team to return would get a bonus, the last team to return would get docked.
Be respectful, but have lots of fun!
For the team that returns to the church first and hands their camera in: (+2)
For the team that returns to the church last and hands their camera in: (-2)
To the best business advertisement (voted by Youth Leaders): (+2)
If one of your teammates cannot be seen in any of the videos: (-5)

After the objectives were explained and clarified, the teams were given $5 and a roll of toilet paper, and then sent out into the unsuspecting Kalona area. I was the leader of team #1, and my teammates were Jonathan, Emily, Rochelle, and Logan.

Emily and Rochelle. Emily is displaying
our team number and overall status in life.

1. Start with a short intro to your video!
Our team didn't see this step until near the end of our scavenger hunt, so we ended up making our intro video at the end. We introduced ourselves by name and exemplified complete humility and modesty: "Hello. We're team #1. Thanks for coming along with us today, we're about to win."

Side note: I will be listing the objectives in the order that we completed them, not in the order they were given.
Side side note: The photos in this post are screenshots from the videos we took, since videos are bandwidth hogs.