Friday, September 26, 2014

A Miracle in the Shape of a Guitar

This morning, I pulled my head up out of the sand and realized how long it has been since I've spoken to you, dear readers.

I'd love to tell you all about the things that I've been up to.

I'd love to tell you about the events that have caused this Summer to whip by like a turbo-charged carousel.

But I can't right now. I don't quite have the words for it all. Wording is important to me; I often scrap entire paragraphs and even full posts if they don't meet my standards.

I suppose that explains my extended hiatus from blogging...I haven't been able to find the words to say.

Momentary Logic could be categorized as "Humorous, anecdotal". I enjoy getting my readers to grin. So when difficult things come along, I refrain from blogging. I dislike reading posts filled with whining and complaining and pitiful pleas for attention, so why would I want to write one? 

So when faced with the most stretching, difficult few months of my life, I've been rendered speechless.

Yet God.

Yet God has been faithful and kind and loving. He daily reminds me of His presence and His promises, and I cannot let those miracles, those blessings, go unspoken.

A few months ago I posted about the possessions I lost due to theft. One of them was my brand-new Breedlove guitar.
Left: My 7-year-old trusty little Fender.
Right: My one-week old Breedlove, just before it was stolen

"That was YOUR guitar, God. I used it for praise and worship and sometimes impressing ladies. If You want me to have a guitar, You'll have to provide one." I ranted. I went back to using my trusty blue Fender, which had begun to chip and peel and show signs of abuse only years of clumsiness and campfires can incur.